Understanding and Trusting Masculine & Feminine Energy

Do you understand and trust your own masculine and feminine energy? 

Are you willing to have both of these energies (and more…) in your own body, and to help you to run your life, body and business with ease?

What is Masculine and Feminine energies?

First off, let’s give a quick and dirty teaching about what I mean by Masculine and Feminine energies…and the caveat to that is that energy is NOT actually gendered.

When I talk about Masculine and Feminine energies, what I am referring to is how the energy moves and the flavor of it. And it makes it a lot simpler to my mind to say Masculine and Feminine.

Masculine Energy = Directive. Single Focused. Penetrative. Linear. Like an arrow shooting forward. Action. Yang/Shiva/Sun.

Feminine Energy = Expansive. Creative. Multi-dimensional. Supportive. Chaotic. Receptive. It moves out, up, around, growing, flowing. Like a river or ocean. Pure potential. Formless. Provides an inner compass. Directional. Non-action. Yin/Shakti/Moon.

Usually women leaders, even ones who teach feminine arts, are more prone to letting the masculine energy lead. Because it takes a lot of directive actions to create a business (or even to think of starting one!) If you are a leader, you probably didn’t wait around hoping someone would do it for you. You dove in and did it.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a leader, think about all of the times that you were single focused, and checking off boxes to get things done. That is the masculine energy at work.

Feminine energy is creative chaos. It is a desire. It is the formless potential, unknown and the knowing all wrapped up in one. Because the feminine is so expansive, it includes everything. It is the essence of intuition, insight and perceptivity that eventually becomes the inner compass that points the way in the right direction. 

The New Era is calling for a fusion and convergence of the feminine and masculine energies so that we can find new solutions to big problems and issues that cannot be addressed by just the masculine or feminine alone. To have impact in the world as a leader, it is necessary now, more than ever, to develop and balance these energies within yourself. And to be able to access each of these energies with the power of your choice is true mastery in Being Human.

What would the world be like if each of us had access to whatever energy is required right now, with no fear, no hesitation, and no limitations?

Would you like some support for you on this topic?

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