On Being Human; What is your soul mission and core life purpose?

Living in accordance to your soul mission expresses what you came here to learn and then to apply your expressed service to others in the time that remains in this human experience on earth. 

Try this: 
Inhale and Exhale. What do you experience in your body with reading this statement out loud:

– Inhale and Exhale. Repeat out loud: My Soul Mission is to evolve my Soul during this human experience. 
– Inhale and Exhale. Repeat again: My Soul Mission is to evolve my Soul during this human experience. 
– Inhale. Exhale. Close your eyes and repeat the statement. 

What do you notice? Feel? 
Do you notice any sensation anywhere in your body?

Let’s continue:

If your Soul’s Mission is to Evolve during this life experience as a human in a body, then how do we achieve the mission of Evolving?
Answer: We experience life, all of its lessons, ups and downs, challenges, highs and lows, joys and beauty. All of our experiences serve to learn whatever lessons we are here to learn so that, when the time is right, we can come to know, claim and own our Soul’s Core Life Purpose. To Evolve is to learn what your Soul came to Earth as a human to learn and then to bring this learning to life through loving service to others and to life. 

What exactly, is our Soul’s Core Life Purpose?
Answer: Something like this, but it is on your terms, your truth. Through our experiences, at some point we will likely begin to ask bigger questions, such as:

  • Who AM I? 
  • Why AM I here? 
  • What is Truth?
  • What is Divine Love?
  • What is it I am supposed to Be and Do in the world? This is the key question about Core Life Purpose. 

What if I told you your core life purpose is fulfilled through that which assists you to feel vibrantly alive and with a sense of immeasurable joy or contentment, peace, meaning and fulfillment?  You know that you are aligned with and living your reason for being because your steps become those of bold confidence and your actions reflect that inner empowerment and lights you up inside. 

Many if not most of us want to know our core life purpose, why we are here, and this question often triggers a spiritual awakening. Most human adults experience a life transition on average every ten years, in each decade of life. It is not uncommon to become discontent in a job, a relationship, an activity or role that prompts us to feel doldrums, thinking about what might enhance our level of meaning and fulfillment. Sometimes we experience a life altering or traumatic event, loss, illness or a spontaneous spiritual experience that awakens us to this question, triggering our quest to discover our truth of who we are, why we are here, what is real, what is divine love, what is truth.

Over the 22 years of my coaching practice with thousands of clients, I have been told or asked, “I have all the trappings of success, the money, the stuff, relationship, good friends, family, but why am I so stuck, so unfulfilled?” Another common statement has been, “I keep thinking that changing jobs is the answer, but when I move, I return to the same thought, could anything make me happy?” 

We often deeply contemplate why are we really here in this very strange harsh, and now rapidly changing world. 

There is a great purpose in why we were given life and all of the unique body, gifts, innate talents, mind and humanness that make each of us  the uniquely dynamic person that we are.

Your Core Life Purpose is linked to your Soul Mission. 
It is your highly orchestrated plan that no other human being can fulfill except you. Only you are gifted with this purpose, and with the gifts, essence, and talents that are what support you to fulfill your mission and purpose in ONLY the way that you can! This is what makes you extra special and sincerely blessed in the eyes of God/Divine Source.

Wondering what is your Soul Mission-supported core life purpose? Let’s start with one a few core truths:  TRUTH: You have one.  TRUTH: Your core life purpose is the reason you are here on this Earth school,  having this human experience. TRUTH: Fulfilling soul’s mission through your core life purpose is part of your sacred contract, also called a soul contract. For most humans, seeking it is, in part, what makes you happy and fills you with love, grace and gratitude.  

Think of your soul’s core life purpose like a river that moves forward, and there are many meandering channels, inlets and outlets. Moving forward, finding beauty and selecting the next most available channel when presented, also looking for one step beyond it, is in part, fulfilling your purpose. 

Every action you have taken up until this time is in fulfillment of what that purpose is.

Tapping your soul’s core life purpose is like developing a mission statement for a company that’s been in the business twenty or thirty years already.  It’s usually there in the clues. 

This blog article is about decoding those clues so that you’re able to live in greater alignment with it. 

When you’re in alignment with your purpose, people often celebrate in the peace, contentment and meaning it brings. But sometimes, a person’s purpose is to change a stigma, culturally, so that a greater collective of people are celebrated. Meaning, you won’t always find immediate social buy-in or popular acceptance of your purpose. 

This is why your purpose must be something you come to love because there will always be times when your heart and soul are the main guiding beacons and your conscious mind wants to resist or challenge it. 

Discovering your core life purpose can be found in exploring your gifts, what lights you up, what brings you meaning, and reflects the meaning that you already have and are.

It can sometimes be identified and clarified in working with a skilled intuitive coach, or while experiencing a sojourn deep in nature. For some, it can be revealed through a dream, a memory or even a traumatic event. At times a spontaneous spiritual experience may awaken one’s awareness and recognition of their core life purpose. Regardless of what outside input you have to validate it, it’s important that once you know what it is, you feel it in your heart. This is what will keep you connected to it no matter what is happening on the outside.

The reason you are here on Earth is to discover and uncover the truth and meaning of who you are and what you are here to learn and share in service. 

Download my EGUIDE to honing your Soul’s Core Life Purpose.

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