Are you a Coach, a Catalyst for Healing, Transformation and Personal Human Development?

This month’s blog focuses on sharing 13 Life Lessons I have learned over 3 decades serving others as a dedicated Soul, Life, Purpose  & Leadership Coach and Metaphysical Empowerment Catalyst

I entered the coaching industry in it’s fledgling decade of the 1990s. To be exact, I completed two intensive years of residential spiritual and transpersonal coaching training and launched my coaching business in 1995. I soon went on to complete a master’s degree in self-generative human resiliency and development and advanced doctorate-level studies in energetic and metaphysical healing, hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, yoga therapy, and disciplines in meditation. I have always embraced continuous inner growth, self-knowledge, connecting to the Divinity of Inner Knowing. Even in my high school, college, and corporate career years, I knew that I was placed on earth for a “different” purpose that would entail a “path less traveled.” I often refer to this as a path of nonconformity. Sound/Look/Feel familiar?

I can hardly believe I have been in the deep neuro-transformational and leadership coaching field for three decades. I am dating myself to share that I was among the first of a handful of coaches to complete the first 8 month coaching institute training and International ICF certification representing the state of Minnesota. 

The personal professional coaching field has evolved from a poorly understood career choice to an accelerating and increasingly standardized and recognized profession. What began as educated professionals from a variety of industries branching out to help others improve their quality of life and work is now a well-known branch of the human development and personal growth/mental health field. The field of professional coaching is now well established, and a continuously evolving three-decades-old discipline that is focused on evidence-based techniques, methodologies, and standardizing credentials needed to practice as a fully competent and skillful coach and catalyst for deep change and self-empowered, purposefully conscious living.

Nina Roberts Salveson is a Soul Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Inner Transformation and Ayurveda-Yoga Meditation Teacher for living boldly embodied. Nina is also an outdoor sacred space artist, writer, and educator based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the Florida Keys. Nina’s coaching, teaching, and guidance introduce compassion, new perspectives on love, and uses intuition, lightness and pathos to explore the inner radiance and brilliance of the Divinely Embodied Soul while Being Human. 
You can learn more about Nina by visiting her websites,  http://beinghumanlife.com and https://boldsoul.life

13 Life Lessons I have Learned over 25 years as a dedicated Soul Life & Leadership Coach
  1. Deliver quality service as a way of BEING. It’s all about how you show up. ALL that precedes you and also surrounds your service: how you articulate your service, the “sacred container” you create and hold for your service, your attitude, your consciousness, and capacity to hold it all in a space of faith, love, compassion, and knowing that this work – your service – all of this IS your Soul Mission during this life experience. 
  2. Keep moving forward, whether you feel like it or not. Those who do ONE thing a day to move their work, further along, make things happen. Take pictures of everything that inspires you. Live an inspired life. Take one small step every day. 
  3. Reach out to others. Make new friends. Acknowledge their service. Celebrate them. 
  4. Being a catalyst of personal development and Inner-empowerment may be your soul mission. And don’t forget this is also a solopreneurial business.
  5. Understand that “your service is your work is your art.” Just as art is subjective and an individual might not resonate with your kind of service – your art –  isn’t important. It is not rejection or judgment of you or your work, your art, or your service. It doesn’t mean that everyone feels that way. There are billions of humans on the planet, and the perfectly abundant number of humans who desire what you are here to provide, in loving service, are waiting for you. 
  6. See the big picture. Understand what problem you solve, focus and hone in on where your art, your craft, and your service fits in the sphere of awakened, personal growth, inner transformation field of coaching, teaching, and experiential development. Own it. 
  7. You and your world, the way you think, perceive, and the things that interest and enliven you are the most unique subjects you can bring to serving another. Share your story. 
  8. Thank everyone you can think of. Know that it’s not all about you.  Be grateful and generous. Genuine goodwill and gratitude go a long way. 
  9. Continuously witness and observe: Are you embracing the skills that connect you, foster connection, and change lives? Are you operating from your conditioned self or your holy, higher self?
  10. Embody your feminine traits like compassion, curiosity, and collaboration to make an impact in your family, organizations, our communities, and the world. Shift from the masculine to a balance with the feminine. Shifting from command and control to collaboration. From forcing to allowing. From blaming to questioning. From criticizing to developing. From judgment to love. From talking to listening. From telling to appreciative inquiry and questions. 
  11. Know what energizes you and what drains you. Pursue what gives you energy and meaning.
  12. Embrace your Inner Feminine Leader; fostering diversity, equity, belonging, and inclusion. It is safe to make mistakes, ask for help, and learn new skills. 
  13. In a propaganda-media-driven cancel-culture that is attempting to further condition people to be afraid to be themselves, we need more of us to collectively speak up for truth and alternative ways of seeing, perceiving, and being human. Be informed, know where you stand, and take a stand for that. 

Being Human means being real, daring to be vulnerable, and courageous. Sure, we make mistakes as we learn and grow and model the way for others. This is the essence of BEING HUMAN. Being bold enough to be yourself, and in doing so, paving the path for others to step into their boldness. Creating a ripple effect of strong, capable, compassionate Humans. This IS the new human era.


Nina Roberts Salveson (Nina Louise) is an internationally recognized expert in the field of personal transformation. The work of transformation in its essence is a customized personal process that is best navigated with support so that the experience can be completed with greater ease, grace and efficiency. It’s not easy. It’s not focused on ideas, concepts or complicated steps to enlightenment; rather it is the energy of divinely intended and supported transformation that creates a new experience and way of perceiving, being and experiencing life and the world at large. It  is meant for those who are serious in their desire to live a very full, spiritually connected life unbound from the constant harassment  of the voices of fear, judgment, past conditioning and wounds,, limiting beliefs and ego. It is my greatest joy to be in service to you.  The work is profound and life altering. These offerings below are filled with love and energy for each of you.  I hope you always reach out for spiritual connection and feel it reaching back to you.

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