Transformation Through Spiritual Awakening Is About More Than Healing – It Is About Purposefully Evolving Into Your Best Self

Are you……

Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening? Ready to truly transform and reinvent your life to align with your Heart and Soul Call?

In my own experience, as well as assisting hundreds of other beautiful human beings through their spiritual awakening journey, I have learned that this process is one of unlearning, unraveling, reimagining, and allowing a newly expanded and refined way of authentically being human. Since we are multidimensional, energetic beings with a mind, body, spirit, and soul, it is important to access support in these key aspects of the transformational journey in spiritual awakening.

1. Tap into your soul and listen to your inner guidance. The awakening process fosters presence, mindfulness, and intuitive insight. 

2. Detach from the grip of judgment and comparison as you relearn to trust your instinct and higher intuitive mind so that you can allow your conscious mind to know that it is safe to give up control and come along for the adventure. Release roles of being a victim, supported through the healing process. 

3. Allow your body to move in the direction your soul is guiding you. Transformation through Spiritual Awakening fosters a re-embodiment of the energetic body, meaning that our body also holds intelligence, insight, and deeper wisdom. Being centered and grounded in our physical bodies helps us become congruent and aligned  in the human experience of our “3-Part Being” (body, mind, soul/spirit)

Spiritual Awakening – Speak and Live from Your Soul

When I look at the times in my life when I’ve transformed through my life experiences, they came through a spiritual awakening process. Some of these events were painful and turbulent, others moved with grace, quickness, and ease. The ones that were more challenging occurred early in my life when the unraveling, unwinding began, and my primary focus was healing my energetic, physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

Tools and Resources to Assist You in Your Transformational Spiritual Awakening

Seek Support

There is no “right or wrong way” to experience your spiritual awakening events, which are often triggered by a major life event, loss, or jarring life experience. The key is recognizing what may be happening and seeking support with a qualified coach and spiritual guide who can assist you in navigating the process.

Immerse in Nature

Everything in Nature is energetic consciousness with a very high frequency. The ecosystem of Nature innately “knows” that everything is interconnected, and we humans are energetically connected to all of creation. The elements of earth are the elements of creation – earth, water, fire, air, and aether- and the seven directions – north, south, east, west, above, below, and within…, are all unified in an interconnected whole. Mother Earth holds a very high vibration for your spiritual awakening. Every day I invest around an hour or more per day in nature. I may do a quick nature walk or go outside of my home and marvel at the incredible gifts of the earth and cosmos.

Read about Spirituality

I love to read and study spiritual books. Mostly channeled books bring me the most joy to read and awaken my soul. Go to a new or used book seller and review the books in the spirituality and philosophy sections. Let your intuition guide you as you browse. Or, ask a coach for some books to consider. One of my all-time favorite books that supported me throughout the years has been The Seat of the Soul original and updated editions, by Gary Zukav. Neale Donald Walsch’s channeled books and audios teach that we are the wisdom, love and truth that any moment will ever need to be healed and to participate in the evolution of the human species. 

I believe that there is a high vibrational 5th, 6th, or even 7th-dimensional energy story in the words of channeled books that can unlock the wisdom within ourselves. If you love to read, then a book may best resonate with your learning style. If you prefer to listen, you can always choose to listen to an audio book instead.


Explore Music and Healing Sound

Spiritual beings are soulful beings. When we become spiritually awakened we evolve to acknowledge and embrace the existence of our consciousness. Music speaks to the consciousness and thoughtfully selected music carries an energetic frequency that seems to begin where words leave off. Soulful songs, to name only a few, include Imagine by John Lennon, In My Secret Life by Leonard Cohen, They Don’t Care About Us by Michael Jackson and Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston. Spiritual Meditation Music, Reiki Music, Solfeggio music, and sound healing music found on YouTube or Spotify, are wonderful resources for music. The one thing about music, according to Bob Marley, is that “when the music hits you, the pain goes away,” or it brings the emotion to the surface through tears so that healing occurs.

Expand Consciousness through Movies

Movies are a projection of a world that we choose to indulge in for a specified amount of time, offering the possibility of shifting our perception of space and time, and for a period of time, consider and reflect on the message and content being presented to us. Certain movies can satisfy our yearning and hunger for a deeper understanding, insight, and some form of truth. A movie, when seen through the eyes of a spiritually awakened person can be perceived as a spiritually awakening one. Some movies offer access to Universal truth that may provide an answer to a specific question. A few of my suggested favorites include Ghost, Origins, The Whale Rider, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Before Sunrise, Midnight in Paris, and the documentary Heal. These are only a few.

Discover the Power of Crystals

Crystals help us clear stuck energies and me to raise our energetic vibration, or frequency,  that helps us reach new levels of conscious awareness. They are also powerful for clearing blocks or negative energy.

Join and Engage in Community

Belonging to a community with like-minded, open-hearted people sharing a spiritual path can be a wonderful support when the time feels right. Being Human Life offers a variety of ways to connect with a loving, caring, and supportive community, virtually and live. Scroll down for this month’s virtual Conversations in the Upper Room Gathering and FALL INTO AUTUMN Womens’ Retreat on October 24-28th in gorgeous Lanesboro, MN.

Nina Roberts Salveson (Nina Louise) is an internationally recognized expert in the field of personal transformation. The work of transformation in its essence is a customized personal process that is best navigated with support so that the experience can be completed with greater ease, grace, and efficiency. It’s not easy. It’s not focused on ideas, concepts, or complicated steps to enlightenment; rather it is the energy of divinely intended and supported transformation that creates a new experience and way of perceiving, being, and experiencing life and the world at large. It is meant for those who are serious in their desire to live a very full, spiritually connected life unbound from the constant harassment of the voices of fear, judgment, past conditioning, and wounds, limiting beliefs, and ego. It is my greatest joy to be in service to you. The work is profound and life-altering. These offerings below are filled with love and energy for each of you. I hope you always reach out for spiritual connection and feel it reaching back to you.


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