How Are You Living Your Life On Purpose?

Since my awakening, healing, and spiritual journey that started following my parents’ passing in my very young, fledgling adulthood, I discovered that the process of knowing and trusting one’s life purpose requires moving beyond the resistance into a willingness to explore the unknown and unfamiliar. This means creating an abundance of self-reflection, solitude, listening to others, paying attention to intuitive nudges, and acknowledging passions, talents, and what captures one’s attention. I realized that this kick-started my discovery of my purpose that would fuel my happiness and meaning in my life.

Where are you in your process of tapping into your life on purpose?

“What do you desire? What makes you itch?”

~ Alan Watts  (listen to his full talk on purpose)

As a seasoned transformational depth coach and deep systems change agent over three decades and thousands of private, group, and community client engagements, I know that happiness and meaningfulness overlap. Alone, happiness is linked to being on the receiving end, while meaningfulness is linked to being on the giving end of altruistic choices and behavior. When happiness and meaningfulness become fused, there is a great receiving and fulfillment that is derived from being altruistic and giving. In the giving there is impact and seeing another light up, expressing sincere gratitude and appreciation, is the ultimate gift in giving to others.

Discovering one’s purpose requires patience and trust in owning what lights us up. It takes courage to then forge the path to then weaving our purpose into how we show up in our lives. My purpose involves women empowering women. Humans Being Humanely Human and on purpose. Helping parents nurture their teens and young adult children into adulting in an uncertain world. Creating and leading wilderness transformational retreats in beautiful natural spaces. These are all the themes that pulse through, within, and from my heart. I have rediscovered and renewed my unwavering commitment to my core life purpose – assisting others who are ready to tap into their power, purpose, and most authentic potential expressed through being in presence, living on purpose, and in service.

Over these last few years of profound change and transformative infusions of energy, insight, and reflection, I have come to understand the difference to be “On Purpose”.

So what does it mean to live a life “On Purpose?”  The foundation of living this way of life is authenticity. My definition of authenticity means that I do not sell myself short of what I believe and know who I am to please someone and seek their approval. I say what it is there for me to say at that moment, or when I realize that it is there for me to speak with care, compassion, without becoming reactive, defensive, or blaming. 

In a late October five-day retreat led with my dear friend and colleague Michele Rae, we explored deep listening, witnessing another, and the power of authentic conversation. We practiced being and leaning into the “sacred standards of presence,” speaking truthfully and remaining firmly rooted in compassion and deep listening, on purpose even during more difficult conversations spurred by triggers or themes arising for healing. 

To be “On Purpose” means that each action taken or not taken was done or not done with meaning. Not just to check a box or gain praise from others. A life “On Purpose” truly means that each day I am connected to the realization that it could be my last.

When I become present to this I now possess the power to touch, move, and inspire individuals that I come in contact with through my authenticity and fully being with them. Throughout this year of personal expansion, I’m learning more about the power of liminal space—the importance of staying present and working with the “space in between” (then and the near now) or the “waiting time” between what once was and the emerging unknown, unclear future instead of fighting against it. I feel like I’m learning something more about the partnership of transformational presence, flow, and being while in action—sensing when it’s time to pause and observe, and when it’s time to move in the dance between nothing, formlessness, and everything. And sensing how essential it feels to remain incredibly present while in action toward what is clearly emerging as the New Human Era.

Expanding within Liminal Space Link to Audio


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Some of Alan Watt’s famous works are:

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