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Energetic Quote to Inspire

Reading spiritual quotes can help you identify what makes your precious life worth living, and assist you in living your most fulfilled life aligned with your true nature, essence and purpose.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you really are.”
– Carl Jung

Ahhh… June!  

A recent experience inspired me to share this message for June. The month has been and will continue to be filled with more paradox involving the Universal Natural Law of Polarity. On one hand the fresh, bright blue sky illuminated by the light of the sun, new, green grass, plants and trees, and the windy sky whispering to you, calling your soul into being and urging your movement, creation and inspired action. And on the other, you will experience moments of cold, penetrative, cool blue steel — sometimes  dark grey, moving through swiftly and strongly as the sudden weather and temperature swings.

Living in Alignment with the
Natural Law of Polarity

Have you ever thought, how you recognize good as good, only because of the perception of bad in the world? How you can identify hot because there’s cold in the world? And how you can experience love, because there’s hate in the world? Everything is dual in the world. We can’t have a positive without a negative.

June will be a month of waves of energy and events that may spark sadness, anger or frustration, or it may awaken an inspired vision for the future that you are creating. Intuitively, I believe that June will be a month for many of us that ignites inspiration, intention and brave courage to find the strength in our voices.

Many of us are experiencing deep frustration and pain. Others are expanding joyfully into radically new ways of being and seeing. And, many of us are dancing with both.

Consider the example of happiness and sadness. If you think back through your life, what are the memories that stand out the most to you? For many of us, some of the most salient moments of life are also the happiest and saddest. The birth or wedding of a child. The death of a loved one. A first kiss. A painful breakup.

I was recently delighted to run into a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time. She asked how I was doing. I paused, and expressed my excitement about a creatively inspired project and upcoming travel. In the same moment, I was also aware of the deep sadness and anger I feel about the tragic elementary school shootings in Texas. I instantly observed my simultaneous feelings about the the highs and lows of these experiences, and said…

“To be completely honest, so many things are true at once, because I feel heavy, angry and sad AND I feel inspired and excited.”

This was a moment  of standing in the polarity of “both/and” versus “either/or” as I recognized that bad/wrong/dark doesn’t cancel the good/right/light, nor does one diminish the other.

The law of polarity is the theory that everything in the universe has a dual nature. Things that are seemingly opposite, such as love and hate, are actually two sides of the same coin. You can’t have one without the other.

Despite the fact that the last two gnarly years had an enormous impact on my psyche and my business, I’ve never felt more alive, hopeful about the future and joyful about the new opportunities I’m diving into.

The concept of living with extreme opposite feelings—polarities– is not new. Polarities are everywhere, within ourselves and in the world.

 If we are able to hold opposite feelings and experiences: frustrations—that are very real—and our highest aspirations, we open ourselves up to a vast space of possibility: to the great wide open.

Consider taking time to pause often in June and being open to the many gifts that can come from this practice.

As you compassionately examine areas of your life where polarities exist, consider what breakthroughs might be awaiting if you’re willing to start pausing, becoming curious, listening and observing more and including “and” as often as you include “or” in your inner dialogues.  Many things are true at once.

Remember to be gentle with yourself this month. When you feel engulfed by the penetrative steel-blue energy, dip out for a while. Take a bath, walk through a park, lie on the ground, go for a swim, watch the birds. Be gentle with yourself, the world and those around you. When you experience huge reactivity, judging others (and yourself), raging against someone or something, take a breath, do the practice and come back towards the intention of gentleness.

Will you welcome both experiences as they show up?

With Love, Appreciation and Kindness,


Women’s Friday Power Hour LIVE!
A Free (Donation Appreciated) Live Event
Co-created and hosted by
Nina and Michele 

Expand Spiritually and Grow Personally and Professionally with a monthly ENERGETIC RESET and ACTIVATION MEDITATION in the company of other visionary women who are committed to growth and one another in real, caring and supportive community!

Women’s Power Hour LIVE brings you the best of women empowering and supporting well being, focusing on living healthier, more meaningful, purposeful and happier lives. An Hour of Empowerment, we will provide practices, activations, techniques and knowledge that will cut to the heart of various relevant matters in the new era that we are living in.

June 17th, 2022
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CST
PreRegister (required) to Receive Zoom Link

Co-hosted by

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Conversations In the Upper Room have been expanding and growing in community since 2020.

Conversations in the Upper Room are monthly gatherings on zoom, in which we transform resistance into flow, fear and anxiety into agility and courage, and anger or doubt into compassion and peace, retraction into expansion.

As  leaders, visionaries, practitioners, coaches and teachers, we are being called upon – now, more than ever –  to connect, process, and continue to open our hearts and minds further to new possibilities arising in the new era. How does real, dynamic and lasting change happen? How do we heal and transform? How do we support whose whom we serve as they come to us to heal the imbalance and co-create who they are becoming, so that they can  be and do who they were made to be when they were born? Together, we meditate, clear and expand our energy fields of conscious awareness, create flow within a shared space that fosters deeper insight, connection and dialogue that matters in the evolving and rapidly changing world we live in.

As the world changes and evolves daily at ever-accelerating speeds, we have no choice but to change and expand in order to create, strive and thrive. During this time of mega change and global reset, WE are the practitioners, coaches, leaders, and teachers our clients, patients, friends, and family are looking to for support.

We look forward to expanding with you into a higher frequency for ourselves, our communities, states, nation, world, and the planet. We know that this month’s Upper Room Conversation will bring to light further clarity about the larger Divine Cosmic plan that is unfolding on the planet.

July 21st
August 11th

Nina and Michele, Conversations in the Upper Room
Creators and Hosts

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Circles create what Margaret Wheatley calls, ‘islands of sanity’ in which people feel supported to care for themselves, their families, their communities and their planet in new inspired and sustainable ways.

With this depth of support we  are empowered to seed and nurture a tipping point for positive metamorphosis anywhere and everywhere, in anything and everything.

The DIVINE SAGE™ is an all new live cohort series of specially curated Circle Gatherings for Midlife Women. Each Circle plants the energies, intentions, frequencies and potential of each present, creating a one-of-a-kind experience in a shared, bonded sisterhood.

Community is a cocretion that meets our common and shared longing and need for four things: to be seen, heard, connect and belng.

The Divine Sage Circle™ is an intimate group of eight  women who share a commitment to and with one another. Each belong and share common intention for elevation, exploration, discovery, laughter, fun and flow with “whatever arises.” We find new edges, clarity, inspiration and courage to be more adventurous, empowered and expansive.

The objective of The Divine Sage Circle is to support meaningful conversation about topics that matter; energy practices, meditation and breath work, art, journaling, storytelling, speaking from the heart, Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, crystal gridding, fen shui, relevant movie, book or audio discussions in a way that fosters personal and collective growth, expansion and personal evolution. EVERYONE is seen, heard and belongs.
Unlike other offerings that offer an amazing experience with a beginning and end, The Divine Sage Circle is thoughtfully curated to offer a place, space and community where you belong for life, or at least for as long as your heart guides you to remain committed to your sisters in the Circle.
The Divine Sage Circle offers:

  • Monthly resources for creating balance from the inside-out
  • Strategies and insights for self-renewal
  • Ways to reconnect with “who you are”
  • Community and meaningful connection with like-minded, open-hearted midlife women

“Women’s circles are vehicles for healing and transformation. They have the power to change the world.”
~ Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD, The Millionth Circle

Divine Sage Circles Start in October
Dates, Location, Investment and Juicy Details will be revealed July 4th!

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