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Aligning With Your Inner Navigator

Have you ever felt misaligned with the life you are living, the world you are
living in, and the life that you most desire in your heart and higher mind?

It seems like a condition of the world we live in to shape ourselves to “fit in” with
society. I have always known myself to be of a “different ilk” as my perception of my
younger self was always that of a misfit who was weird, highly sensitive, sobbed
watching Hallmark movies, physically very active but not athletically competitive,
always saving animals, and more creative than linear and logical. I had a couple of best
friends, and growing up in the country, I spent more time alone in nature than I did
anywhere else. In Nature, I transformed into a terra adventurer and deep woods traveler
who built forts with branches, collected stones and arrowheads, and other natural
artifacts. I gathered acorns and left them in piles for the animals, stared at the sky and
clouds wondering what else existed “up there.” I snuck off to hike and scale rocks at
Castle Mound, splashed in the beautiful creek where the white sand under the root
beer-colored water created a delightful yin-yang contrast. Examples of the yin and
yang of Nature were everywhere.

My Misfit Life: I entered college at 17 and felt the jarring shift into “adulting”, living
away from my safe nature scape and advised that I had to declare my major and a
minor would be a good idea. Be sure my choice reflected something sensible and that
had career potential. Graduate in four years, get a good job, find love, get married,
eventually have a family, keep striving, do it all. Be super woman. Fast forward one
decade — the life I was trying to create in a world that said just keep working harder
and you’ll get there……..just keep your nose to the grindstone. By my 33rd birthday I
was officially burned out. I didn’t feel at all aligned with the experience I had created. I
am sparing I was neither living my purpose nor was I balanced in anyway. You get the
picture…. I discovered that my true self really was a non-conforming misfit, a self
directed rebel of sorts. It was time to make some big changes.

Is any of this familiar to you?
We have all spent our precious time each day setting our goals to fit within systematic
structures created by others in positions of authority, leading to years of discontent
and unease from misdirection and misaligned actions. We’re also faced with patterns
of normalized self-sabotage, self-doubt and comparisons between our own journey
and those around us; all real hindrances to realizing our mission to set powerful
intentions that spark joy from within.

So then comes the question… How do we live a far more intentional, abundant
and fulfilled soul aligned life?
My greatest teacher has been my own IN (Inner Navigator). More than 25 years ago, I
“knew in my gut” that “I” was the only one who could support and guide my life. My
second greatest teacher was the ONE Great Mother Nature. Since I was a child, I found
my deepest connection with nature, listening, observing, playing. Nature was where I
experienced a magical awareness and peace. A very wise Pastor I met on Campus at
the UW-Madison, WI, during my University days reminded me that this was my
personal experience of God, the force of the essence of all creation that dwells within
each of us, not outside of us.

Humans (and all living beings) are embodied with a brilliant Inner Navigator that
is immeasurably more sophisticated and capable than any artificial system.
The next question….. How do your Inner Navigator and Mother Nature guide and
support you?
My Inner Navigator and Mother Nature “advises” me that despite the challenging
experiences of these times of unpredictable uncertainty we are coming to a new life, to
greater connection as a species, and with our planet and all its CREATION, as “one
human family.” Connection with Nature’s essence and wisdom helps to guide us “IN
to our Inner Navigator and to greater abundance, meaning and fulfillment. More
freedom. We are healing as a species, despite the appearances of circumstances and
events, and that blesses and heals the entire planet.

What does Nature have to do with it? Mother Nature seasonally reveals the
wisdom of her own inner navigator. She cycles through the seasons of fertility, birth,
death and rebirth. When we tune into our inner navigation system and witness and
learn from the magic of Mother Nature, we can recognize that we are being supported
and assisted in ushering in new ways of approaching life, new ways of being as we
choose to align ourselves with our ongoing evolutionary awakening and sacred
expression. We are evolving consciously in our ways of knowing how to live and
navigate life as we center in our intuitive natural INS (Inner Navigation System), rather
than our linear, earthly eyes. Mother Nature shows us her balance in the Divine
Masculine and Feminine essence, whereby the Feminine essence Shakti animates the
life force and creative energy of the Universe, and brings us to greater Union of our
soul self with our Masculine essence supports aligned right action through human
expression that is awake, aware and steeped in our own true light.

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