My mission is to help you bring your life into harmony. I create a space where you can reconnect with the true essence with in yourself. I give you the tools and guidance to empower you to transform your life for the highest good while engaging the mind, spirit and body in your lived experience. I value full commitment, integrity, humor, intuitive, love and bring 30 years of experience and learned intuitive insight to best assist you, privately or in supportive community.

Guiding Principles

Humanity is experiencing a global tipping point that is calling in a New Human Era. Change continues to be rampant and uncertain in the world around us and this is forcing you, me and all to adapt, change and evolve. You have the potential to imagine and create an exceptional life that is integrated and in alignment with your core values, purpose and serving.


Personal and personal evolution and reinvention is a necessity as we become a part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution amidst climate change planetary adaptation. Welcome to the New Human Era. Deep change, reinvention and transformation don’t happen in isolation. Transformation begins within, starting with a decision to mindfully and courageously expand our awareness of our unique contribution to the world. The New Human Era is calling for self leadership stemming from our uniqueness and originality.

Meet Nina

Nina Roberts Salveson, DscM, MA, MCPPC

Visionary, Deep Change Catalyst, Purveyor of Inspired Purpose and Love In Action

I have the privilege of working with introspective, empathic, compassionate, intelligent, multifaceted professionals who want more from life. Through a holistic and spiritually-centered discovery of what’s possible, I help you to:

  • Release limiting narratives
  • Shift your mindset
  • Reset your energetic balance
  • Reframe and expand your perspective
  • Rediscover and own your purpose
  • Unlock your talents and superpowers that will support you in realizing the future you want.

I am equally excited to work with professionals and aspiring business owners who are re-evaluating and navigating their cultural identity within the world of work. Through our work together, we examine how we show up in our professional lives, how your professional identity aligns against your authentic self, and what it would mean to rid ourselves of the constraints of compartmentalization and show up fully whole and integrated.


I don’t want you to just read about me I want you to listen to you…

Every human in the world is as unique as a fingerprint. For as long as I remember, I have experienced perceptions outside of the linear world. It wasn’t easy to handle some of these, so in addition to traditional education I have learned and honed my skills “outside of the box.”

My formal education background is in Psychology, individual and group communications and human development,but I have also excelled in the business world of product marketing, international business, leadership, as anentrepreneur, e-commerce startup founder, and training and development consultant.

With thousands of hours of transformational and transpersonal coaching, spiritual and life purpose guidance, energetics, transpersonal change, mind and somatics training, I can draw upon my extensive skillset in Breakthrough Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Mindset Work, Creative Coaching, Energy Work, Clairvoyance, Remote Viewing, Breath Work, Intuitive and High Level Activation abilities.

Work with a transformational coach who wants your most exceptional future.

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