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Live Gathering The HeArt of InPowered Living Series: Starting March 15, 2023 With CoHosts and Facilitators Nina Roberts Salveson and Michele Rae.

Southtown Office Building Southtown Office Building Second Floor Conference Room 8120 S Penn Ave, Bloomington,MN

It is time to gather in person again! We (Nina and Michele) are creating a 3 month Heart-Mind Circle Series for the HeART of Living Empowered from Within (InPowered). This new Being Human Life offering is an expansion from our 2022 Virtual Power Hour Live program. Are you feeling the call to join us? The […]



BEING FULLY YOU is a personal process that entails sacred artistry and a journey toward Balanced Fusion of body, mind, spirit and life.  Being Fully You is a rich, lush journey through ritual, creative discovery, clarity, commitment and declaration. This process prepares you to relaunch your seamless life and join the SAGES RISE TOGETHER WOMEN’S […]


Higher Octave Living Series

Together we embody higher frequencies and support each other as we usher in the new era. We are, individually and collectively, experiencing waves of higher frequencies. How are you navigating them? As transformational intuitive coaches, Michele and Nina are seeing in themselves and their clients, new inner revelations, insights, and paradigms emerging. We are experiencing […]