New Human Era- Let’s Be Real is a podcast about human transformation. We are living and evolving through extraordinary times of disruption and necessary change.. These times call for increased compassion and self-awareness as we are presented with an abundance of opportunities to be a force for good, to solve the most meaningful issues of our time, to grow ourselves and others around us. Join me to experience tools relevant to self-awareness, knowledge, and growth during this immense era of transformation. You will leave inspired, empowered, and expanded in your own capacity for self-understanding, compassion, and mastery.

Connect with us to listen to dynamic and curious conversations about transformation in yourself, relationships, health, wellbeing, purpose, meaning and life fulfillment, deep change, and growth.

New Human Era Podcast dives into the three principles of understanding mind, consciousness, and thought/feeling to assist in seeing that “positive thinking” and taking it all too seriously is not necessary in order to enjoy a meaningful and happy life. We learn to embrace that all of our experiences and circumstances present the experience of abundance in joy and fulfillment or pain and suffering, and give us the opportunity to grow and learn from them to bring us back to more of who we authentically are.

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