Sages Rising Women's Circles

Sages Rising Circles are gatherings of women in Circle who share an authentic desire for an ambitious, heart and soul-centered community. The circles are dedicated to self-discovery through life learning and sharing their stories while embracing femininity or masculinity, whichever fits them best at this moment; it’s all up to you!

Our Sage Rising Circles offer transformational whole-being coaching, ancestral healing, Reiki and intuitive coaching.

The CIRCLE is open for all – whether you’re in your 30’s, 40’s or 50+ years old – Sages Rising are women light workers who have mastered the art of self-realization. They offer guidance and healing through coaching on how to step into your true potential as an individual!

Find your inner truth, fire up that passion inside you- be unapologetic about whom you want to be. Sages Rising are women who follow their curiosity and passions, dream big and create their most abundant, authentic and soulful lives.

We’re here for each other on this journey because only when one woman becomes authentic does our entire community flourish like never before

Origins Of The CIRCLE

The Circle is a prominent symbol of Naturalness in ancient African culture – it stood for the philosophical essence of the African Tradition.

The earliest cultures that existed, dating back 20 thousand years ago, were able to identify with the sky and earth’s relationship as it rotated on its axis or axle, known as a “Dome” (referred to as The House of God), which practitioners refer to today by searching for circumstantial evidence within scientific texts describing stars moving around one another in circles while maintaining order throughout all periods – these early humans realized what we know now: there’s something special about our planet Earth because not only does she have life diversity but attests uniformity too!

They thought pairs of opposite forces had created everything. It’s like when you mix oil and water; they come together to create something new but retain their identities, the same with femininity (Earth) and masculinity (Heaven).

The ancient Egyptians were able to conclude after observing both natures—with its oceanic tides rising into the sky over salty water at one point becoming calm lakes again later on downwind —as well as human beings who sometimes seem happy and contented with other times sad due according what happens within each person individually rather than externally imposed customs or traditions.

The ‘CIRCLE’ is an old form of bringing people together for teaching, listening and learning.

When done correctly, this can be a powerful means to touch or heal oneself mentally/ emotionally as well as physically by connecting with one’s true self throughout all aspects -body (mind), heart and spirit.

A new paradigm has begun where women know themselves better than ever, owning their essence, beauty, whole worth, etc. Circles help us achieve these goals because they unite both masculine energy found within ourselves, collectively called “men”, alongside femininity and are not afraid to know it, own it and show it.

Is Sages Rising Your Tribe?

When it comes to supporting, who’s on your team? I’m talking about the kind of support that counts: the kind that laughs and cries with you provides you space to grow, and is always there for you.
Many women leaders initially report they have great support: their boss, their colleagues and peers, their friends, and their partner all support them. But, when we start exploring those support systems, we often discover that the support is often relatively shallow or limited.
Others often have expectations of us and may even have competing values and priorities. Our dearest friends and most trusted partners love us and listen for a while, but they don’t understand the challenges, questions, quandaries and successes we experience.
This genuine support comes from fellow Sages in our Rising Women’s Circles. These groups are led by certified depth life coaches who understand what it means to walk the path of a woman leader and offer all the insight, encouragement, compassion, and understanding one could ever

Let's be honest

What is it like to be a woman in this world? Is any peace, security or joy associated with our gender identity as females? Frequently we feel lonely at times and take on the responsibility of holding down multiple roles simultaneously, which often results in feeling stressed out or
overwhelmed, especially when compared side by men who don’t have these responsibilities placed upon them.
Women are sick of feeling stuck and frustrated with their current life circumstances, and it feels like we are operating on an island of one – it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to feel so alone and unseen. You can build greater self-empowered sovereignty


In a world where we’re often told to “go it alone,” building an intentional support community that meets you where you are and allows practicing your entire presence can feel revolutionary.
Women were never designed as lone wolves – even if society tells us differently! As Women, sometimes we need someone to share our stories or ask difficult questions, listen without trying to solve or fix and exist without judgment. We get together because the more we understand ourselves, the better equipped we are to navigate the challenges and opportunities of life. Sharing helps us feel less alone and more connected.
When we come together in a circle, we create a Sacred Feminine space where we can honor our authentic selves and be seen and heard by others.

Sage Rising Are Your Circle.

We talk about whatever is on our hearts and minds in our circles. There are no topics off-limits.
We have discussed everything from motherhood and marriage to sexuality and soul work, basically anything that supports our growth as women.
When we stand in our power and weave together with the ONE, it becomes clear that every individual has a contribution. It’s a space where you can strengthen your voice while becoming more confident about your identity and standing up for yourself.

  • Clarity about what is truly important to you
  • Improved health and well-being due to integration inside and out
  • Optimism for the future you’ve designed for yourself
  • Excitement about the action plans you will undertake
  • Freedom to unlock what’s possible for you
  • Courage to proceed
  • Support, accountability and resources

Some teachings are listed below:

● Be compassionate and gentle with ourselves.
● Be courageous with your choices.
● Identify the potential in you.
● We are complete and whole.
● Sages Rising Circles teach us how to create an abundant, authentic and soulful life.
● Sages Rising Circles teach us how to live life with purpose.
● Sages teach us to know ourselves more – the good and the brilliant and take a
compassionate look at the things we struggle with.
● Develop self-trust, acceptance, and clarity.
● Develop embodied awareness of your inner wisdom and instincts.
● Live with congruency, vulnerability, and courage.