The New Human Era (NHE ) has brought each of us to an inflection point in our existence as human beings. We have arrived at a point when we must find a way to adapt, shift and evolve. Perhaps you’ve reached a crossroads and need information, resources and support to guide your decisions. Perhaps you feel blocked and stuck and need an energetic reset, support to clear your mind, open your heart and reconnect to your truest essence of you. Or, maybe you’ve plateaued in some way and are ready to expand your vision with forward momentum.

If you are reading this, you know that you were sent here to discover how you can courageously bring your purpose and voice to the world.

hands holding the sun at dawn

I am a transformational revolutionary coach, healer and mentor for heart-minded entrepreneurs and visionaries who are ready to step out from the shadows and ignite the courage to be visible with their soul mission. After 25 years of operating as a successful business owner and “live, in person” private, group and organizational leadership coach, healing practitioner and mentor, I experienced an inflection/tipping point at the start of the pandemic. I had to reset, retool, reimagine, shift and redesign my life and focus. I am here to help you gain a better understanding of you in the emerging New Human Era.

I am here to assist you in expanding your vision, impact, reach and fulfilling your untapped potential and purpose. My support and services are available in a range of formats.

New Human Era Offerings


Evolve to embody and elevate through private and small group transformational coaching.

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Experience the transformative magic of bringing women together for soulful empowerment.

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Deliver more value & impact to your clients with our powerful master immersion course for coaches.

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What People are Saying

“Finding the leadership positions that truly fits your passion and abilities, truly makes you happy and ultimately successful, is a challenge… For me it’s quite simple. I have enjoyed many leadership positions but Nina is the first person to finally help me combine my talents and skills with what’s in my heart to know what I should be doing for the rest of my life.”

~ M.W.