Introducing Willowomen

Will refers to free will as sovereign women embodied and anchored in the Divine Feminine and Masculine Essence of Self Advised Leadership and aligned right action. .

Willow refers to the Feminine energy of the agile, flexible, striving willow tree The WOM in women refers to the womb of creation The upside-down W in woMen refers to NEW Cocreators of Willowomen are now readied and empowered to issue a CALL to the wise women who are visionaries, coaches, leaders, healers and way showers and who have journeyed and navigated the many waves of expanding consciousness through the past many decades of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and present decade.

Willowomen represents rising in light beyond the matrix of control and power over all in the collective 3D reality. Willowomen reflects the human expansion into multidimensional intelligence and consciousness. Willowomen offers a Process, A Metaphysical Journey in and through the evolutionary process of ALCHEMICAL TRANSCENDANCE, Accelerated wholebeing development and new expressions of service that support all beings to thrive.

Willowomen represents a call to women – lightworkers, advanced way showers to become Willowomen Council Mothers to be activated with us (Carolyn and Nina) in the White Lotus/ Diamond Light Codes to align, along with crystalline code activations that expand multidimensional intelligence, accelerated spiritually-centered development and skillsets for our personal and collective evolution.

Alchemical Transcendance

Willowomen includes deep communities of women evolving through an accelerated personal development process and rich program created by Nina Roberts Salveson and Carolyn Vinup. The protocols for “Alchemical Transcendance” involves a lush multidimensional process of DNA activation using toning, sound, music, movement and inner self discovery to awaken our coherence highest potential and multidimensional intelligence, accelerate spiritual development and skill sets of evolution in the new emerging human era. DNA Activation is an intent-based conscious spiritual journey for those who seek to explore the multidimensional realms of time, space and beyond. This program with journal book provides integral guidance for working with the musical soundscapes to enhance your understanding of the DNA Activation process using evolutionary sounds, symbols, energy, language, ceremony and much more. These explorati

Sacred Willowomen Invocation

Sacred willowomen ignite, unite, become one within the one together

to share, to listen,

to remember.

For tens of thousands of years the wisdom has flown through time, whispering to us the song of connection and sisterhood. If we listen deeply to ourselves and to each other we can hear it.

We are now shedding the old faded clothes of competition, jealousy and repression, and stepping forward to invite back our authentic, powerful and wonderfully unique selves. We are rising like the sun, shining big and bright as the full moon, saying yes to the power of fierce love, compassion, authenticity and vulnerability. In circle we act as mirrors to each other and help each other remember who we truly are and to feel our deep connection to Mother Earth.

Breathe in as you draw in the strength and wisdom of the women through all ages and cultures.

Breath out as you release the old ways of being to make space for your true self to fully emerge.

You are whole. You are valued. You are loved.


Welcome here, Council Mother.

Beautiful large diamond engagement wedding ring sitting on diamonds scattered background

More about the Diamond White Light Code

 The potentially gruelling wave of processing the past shadows is coming to an end, and here is an opportunity to fast track into the next wave.

Though it has been a necessary part of the evolutionary process to dismantle the past and integrate fragmentation, it is only a small part of the journey into a new way of being.

As you receive various light-code activations you will start to naturally embody the wisdom of your greater guiding intelligence and feel more grounded in your sacred work.

This Diamond Light Code activation process will continue to support you through this next interesting phase. The Light is essential, and you will benefit greatly from basking in its vibration.