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The Mindset Of Choice; Active, Passive Or Stuck In Neutral?

On Being Human in the New Era September Blog

As the signs of autumn appear, we notice the subtle and not so subtle signs of change. Over the years, I have observed that every time a significant change occurs in life, it is often accompanied by a transition in the seasons. Every season marks a transition that requires us to change and adapt. At times, this shift is gentle and smooth, while other times it is unpredictable and harsh. This is true in both nature and in life.

In each of the many studied ancient civilizations, there came a deciding moment that marked a choice and a transition. Collectively there needed to be a choice; to either remain the same and crumble or raise to new heights and evolve to a new standard of living.

We Are Now Collectively Immersed in This Epic Global Threshold of Choice – In Our Modern, GLOBAL Civilization – A New Human Era

Regardless of all the many choices we make in life, they all are symbolic of the greatest choice of all: The power of love or the love of power. What if we could choose the power of love (empathy and higher emotional intelligence) in any situation, in any conversation or relationship? Whether we are consciously choosing or not, every person chooses.

  • Some people will choose this purposefully, consciously.
  • Some people will choose passively, by doing nothing.
  • Many will not even know there is a decision to be made.

We each have a choice to make in this great shift that is upon us. The current threshold of choice is calling for our attention. Where we place our attention is where our energy flows and this is perhaps the greatest choice oof free-will of all.

The Cosmos and Gaia (Nature/Planet Earth) is assisting us in this evolutionary transition. Ritual, nurture through nature, stillness, meditation, art and music are a few examples of intentional choices that can help us harmonize with the shifts through experiencing, observing, and clearing energetically so nothing gets stuck and weighs us down. The shift is going to continue to happen and we can learn to trust the ride with consistent sacred practices like ritual as a sacred communion can help us learn to trust ourselves again to navigate uncharted waters of change.

I believe we all have a Divine Blueprint and Core Life Purpose that is encoded within us at the time of our birthing process. It doesn’t have to be “big” according to external standards. It can be learning unconditional love, being of service in some way, helping animals, children, the elderly, the environment, etc. The opportunities available to us are endless. We all have special gifts to share with the world that make us feel happy, empowered and purposeful.

Have you already connected with and living aligned with your Divine Blueprint and Core Life Purpose? OR… Are you ready to further clarify and redesign your life aligned with your purpose, but are not quite sure how?

Are you a conscious entrepreneur? Are you ready to fully Embody your fuller potential, your presence, your practice and your business for these evolutionary times?

Would you like to live each day in joy, connected to your passion, Divine Blueprint and Core Life Purpose?

Queries to Ponder:

  • What energizes you, lights you up and fills you with peace and joy?
  • What hidden lessons and healing are you experiencing?
  • If you had no limits and could choose anything to serve humanity, what would it be?

Your answers to these questions lend insight into your Divine Blueprint and Core Life Purpose.

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