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Breakthrough to Freedom With LOVE

When we are in the state of unconditional love, we feel at ease, an inner calm and peace. This is our natural state of Being in our most authentic “core” essence. Love is an experience of “flow”, sometimes called the “zone.” 

This state of being can only occur when we feel safe, trusting, and centered enough that our bodies switch off our automatic “fight, flight, freeze, response.” When we are in ease, love, and flow, everything is possible. 

Love Embodies Honoring Our Divinity, Self-Care and Way of Being with Our Self, Others and the Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Aether

We talk so much about self-love, yet most people wonder what that really means. I believe the term “self-love” is misunderstood and inaccurately infers that love is a feeling that we have about ourselves that reflects the way in which we externalize and limit our definition of human love. I believe our understanding of love is limited and limiting. We are simply not taught about Love in Divine Embodiment. 

Real Love is Infinite, Boundless, and Unconditional; Love is Both a Level and State of Divine Consciousness 

What Then, is Self-Love? 

Self-love reflects a self-regulated state and level of consciousness that is felt and expressed as a calm and peaceful state of mind.  This state of inner and outer equanimity is often referred to as “FLOW.” When we experience this state of flow, we have achieved a state of harmonic convergence as it is a state of body-heart-mind coherence in which time seems to stop, we are not caught up in our thoughts, emotions, self-talk and focused on “getting everything done”. We become a frequency and ‘rise above’ so to speak. This is the vibration that keeps us connected to each other and ‘tuned in’.

If we are in a hologram/matrix/dream/illusionary world, then it makes perfect sense that the external influences, conditioned messages, the industrial media and those few who control and govern the world’s countries, nations and states, want us grounded in matter-based fear. But if we transcend (and we can) this illusion and realize that we are the shape-shifters and the ultimate programmers of our reality, we can shift into the frequency of love and ‘ascend’.

As Lynne McTaggart suggests with her altruistic mass consciousness experiments — when we give freely and from our hearts, we are not only benefiting the target of our well-wishes but we improve the very fabric of our own lives in the process.

Ways to Change the World with  Love

Filter everything through your heart. Ask yourself every second of every day; ‘how can I spread more love?’, ‘how can I transmute this difficult situation into love?’, ‘how can I love and BE with myself more?’ and ‘how can I see my brothers and sisters of the world as extensions of my self?’

Ride that wave of love – everyday – until shift intentionally and mindfully into a brand new human era. Ultimately, we all have the opportunity – and the shared responsibility – to reduce both our own stress levels and therefore the suffering of others, by harnessing the power of love in our daily lives.

How will you bring more love into your Being in your daily Life?

Love Being Human,

Here are a Few Practical Ways to Navigate the Shift with Loving Grace

  • Free Gift this Month: You Are Divine Love Audio Meditation
  • Daily Morning Practice:
    Upon waking, reaching for your phone, and getting up, close your eyes and breathe 3 deep breath cycles. Be present with your breath and thank your body, mind, and Spirit for receiving this give of Prana and for the dawn of another brand new day. Set your intention to do or say at least one KIND thing for another person that day, vowing to “make someone else’s day a little more special and memorable”.
  • Engage in self-care by eating nutritious food, drinking water (a lot) daily, as well as getting adequate rest and sleep
  • Keep your energy levels high with music that uplifts your feelings and state of mind. (I personally love Solfeggio Meditation Music because it keeps me calm and centered.)
    Spirit Tribe Awakening Link: Spirit Tribe Awakening YouTube Channel
  • Read or listen to books, articles, and interviews that inspire you with mind-expanding concepts
    Here are a few of my favorites:
    1. Journey of Souls
    2. Reality Unveiled
    3. Seat of the Soul
    4. Mind to Matter
    5. The Convoluted Universe
    6. The Power of Now
  • Surround yourself with people who honor you with kindness and compassion
  • Adopt a cat or kitten, commit to caring for it for its full life, learn from it and give and receive love from your pet every day
  • Consider creating new boundaries that limit your exposure to anything that triggers you (For me it is political commentary and talking, yelling, damaging, and argumentative rhetoric on the media.)
  • Do anything creative which enthuses you, as this further kindles your inner divine spark (nature, art, dance, writing, movement, mandala coloring, pottery, jewelry or candle making, cooking, etc.)
  • Devote time to being of service to the greater good, be it within your community or on a global scale (volunteer, offer pro bono service, or barter exchange)
  • Do regular practices to align and clear the energy centers of the body, known as chakras, so your intuition is crystal clear, enabling you to be a bridge between Heaven and Earth (breathe, be in nature, meditation, yoga, stretching, body work, Reiki, Healing Touch, Massage, Epsom salt bath)
  • Gather in honoring community to engage in open, depth conversation and to practice honoring presence and mindful listening (Join the Being Human Life RISE Community or any other community that inspires and supports you.) 
  • Finally, if you are experiencing adversity and challenge, start by blessing the situation you are dealing with; this will raise your frequency and enable you to intuit the most ingenious solution to your current dilemma. Affirm the benevolent Universe is orchestrating the birth of your greater self through every interaction and ask to be shown the lesson so you can maintain both an open heart and your trust in the unfolding of the divine plan.

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