The New Human Era is Calling for The Balancing Act of of YIN and YANG: The Bridge to Balance, Harmony and Wholeness

Humanity is experiencing a rebirthing into a New Human Era as the previous Era we have known in this lifetime dissolves. Evolving wholeness starts with each of us tapping into our femininity to balance it with our masculine energies.

Balance and harmony in the world and planet depend on conscious human choosing to balance themselves. Everything is interconnected and interdependent. Regardless of sexual preference, birth gender or gender orientation, birthing a new era means evolutionary consciousness. It begins with tapping into our femininity – our gentleness, our nurturing nature and our intuitiveness. Our power of manifestation and creation; birthing new life into this seemingly dying world. As we expand and evolve into enhanced emotional, mental, relational and spiritual awareness and intelligence, we expand into a greater evolutionary consciousness. We become balanced and centered in our human capacity for empathy, compassion, gratitude and authentic love and caring for all life. In return, the WORLD becomes more BALANCED.

According to the Mayans, December 2012 signified the end of the “Great Cycle” of its Long Count calendar that equaled 5,125 years. At the end of each of these Universal Cycles, the Mayans believe that the Universe is destroyed and then recreated. The current cycle is the era of “feminine energy” where we will see a rise of women leadership across the world.

For more than 5,000 years, the Divine Feminine has been in repose, resting and waiting for us to receive her and bring her back into balance with the world and within us. She is found in the song of birds, the running of streams, and the dance of children. She is found in the strength of mothers and the eyes of animals in the wild. She is in a feeling of sentimental love, deep appreciation. compassion and gratitude, as well as in the surge of deep empathy for another’s suffering. She is the expression of compassionate action and inspired purpose. She is in a surge of creativity and inspired revisioning of a world in which restored integrity and authentic leadership casts a bold new vision for the future.

The Divine Feminine is within each of us, equally as much as the Divine Masculine essence is within us, Think of Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine) energy and essence. There is balance in Yin/Yang. Yin balances Yang and Yang balanced Yin. The YinYang Taijitu symbol reflects a balance between the two opposites with a portion of the opposite element in each section. In Taoist metaphysics, distinctions between good/bad, light/dark, along with other dichotomous moral judgments, are perceptual not real, so the duality of Yin and Yang is an indivisible whole.


How do you know when your Yin and Yang Energies are in or out of balance?

Yin (Feminine) and Yang (Masculine) energies in balance represent a healthy and balanced interconnectedness in the natural world and it’s inhabitants. Inviting the Yin into our lives invites harmony. When we share our hearts in a circle gathering of meaningful conversation, we become vulnerably authentic in our feelings, expression and values. This is the sacred feminine within us waking up to our lives so that we may become more balanced and secure in our sense of purpose and confidence in who we are. Conversation becomes bolder and more honest, open and courageously compassionate, from the heart.

Our culture has become one of the masculine Yang, focused on accomplishment, outward wealth, and goal-reaching at all costs and often at the expense of others. We have lived in a world that treasures the outer successes more often than the subtle, internal awakenings that come through tapping the collective feminine power available to us all through nature and meditation. To balance this, we must reach inward daily to touch the Divine Feminine aspects of our spirit.

This message applauds and celebrates the feminine within each of us and the accomplished feminine in our world. There is much work to be done for equality in all of our systems, equal rights, wages, access to resources locally and globally…., and that begins with the strength we have within us.

Action does not need to lead to burnout and compromise. Accomplishing balance between the Divine Feminine and the Mindful Masculine is an inside job first. We can be the models by caring for our souls on a daily basis through the simple act of tea. Ritual. Spiritual, emotional and relational wisdom gained through life lessons and lived experiences.

How do you honor the Divine Feminine within you?

Treasure a moment with a bird.Notice the budding trees. Enjoy a sunrise. Or a sunset. Water a tree. Serve tea to the Divine Feminine within you. Sing a song. Write a poem. Prepare and relish a meal. Do something that honors the nourishing and receptive side of your nature. Rest in the PAUSE within and between your breath.

Love and Respect,



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